About Us

Company Profile

Established in 2002, Emporium Marble is today one of the leader in product of natural stone. Our vast experience and expertise in various projects have fulfilled any end of line of marble and granite products.

Emporium Marble is an importer and main distributor of marble and granite from the world best "Natural Stone Riches" countries such as Italy, Turkey, Spain, China, India, Portugal, Brazil, etc.

We specialise in first quality materials, competitive price and reliable service. We have inventories of more than 150 types of marble and granite which are efficiently place in our stockyard. We supply both slabs and tiles to domestic and overseas market.

These are our core values in serving our customers:

  • Being committed, we work closely with our customer to achieve the most luxurious marble and granite.
  • Being proactive, we consistently provide our customers with up to date information and knowledge.
  • Being quality conscious, we deliver cost efficient and reliable natural material of high end consistent quality.
  • Being service-oriented, we provide a wide range of marble and granite and also we provide technical support.

Marble is EMPORIUM

Marble is Everlasting, Marvelous, Previous, Original, Rich in colours, Incredibly beautiful, Unique, Made by nature......